Consumer Survey on Health Care Coverage Perceptions and Readiness

The First Annual Transamerica Center for Health Studies SurveyBenchmark on Health Care Coverage Perceptions and Readiness is a comprehensive examination of both Employers and Consumers as they face a shifting health care coverage landscape. The Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive in July 2013, asked 2,505 randomly selected Americans questions about their health care preferences and preparedness for and expectations relating to the Affordable Care Act.  The Consumer finding from the survey can be accessed through the link above.

Highlights from the Survey

The 2014 mandate for individual health coverage is looming, especially for the 43 percent of the General Population who do not have insurance through an Employer. Many of them are still undecided about where they will obtain coverage.

43 percent of the General Population does not currently have coverage through an Employer and 21 percent do not have health insurance at all.  

With the individual health coverage mandate taking effect in 2014 and open enrollment in the State Exchanges starting October 1, 2013, among those who do not have health insurance through an employer:

  • 39 percent are not sure about where they will get health coverage
  • 36 percent plan to keep their current coverage
  • 17 percent plan to purchase health coverage through a State Exchange
  • 8 percent do not plan to purchase insurance and pay the penalty. 

Workers in small businesses are more likely to feel uninformed about their current options for health insurance. Furthermore, they are less likely than those in medium or large companies to feel prepared to make decisions regarding their health insurance options that may be impacted by the ACA.

  • One-third (32 percent) of small business workers  feel uninformed about their health insurance options, compared to 21 percent in medium or 18 percent in large companies.
  • Employees in small businesses (58 percent) are less likely than employees in medium (68 percent) or large (70 percent) companies to feel prepared to make health insurance-related decisions as a result of the ACA.