Transamerica Center for Health Studies Research

Through its broad-based analysis and research findings, TCHS offers consumers and employers a guide to understand the financial implications of the healthcare decisions they are facing.  All of our surveys and key highlights are available below. 

2016 Research

2015 Research

2015 Survey: Companies Navigate the Health Coverage Mandate

 The 2015 survey seeks to understand the perspective of US businesses on the current healthcare offerings and their experiences and attitudes towards ACA.

2014 Research

2014 Survey Image

2014 Survey: Americans Respond to the ACA

This survey targeted individuals' knowledge of and response to the ACA one year after implementation of the individual mandate.

2014 Business Image

2014 Survey: Businesses Respond to the ACA

This survey measured individuals' and businesses' knowledge of and preparedness for the ACA with a focus on businesses.

2013 Research


Healthcare Coverage, Perceptions, and Readiness

The benchmark survey explores both a business' and consumer's initial reaction to the ACA.

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2013 Healthcare Survey: Consumer Section

This survey explored health care preferences and preparedness for and expectations relating to the ACA for Consumers.